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Hi JoAnn,
I too am trying to put all the pieces together regarding an episode I had which my cardiologist said was classic visceral vagal. It did mimic a heart attack though and sent me to the ER. The cardiologist is doing a full work up to see why I am dealing with the palpitations and arrhythmia.
Like you I have been experiencing Pulsatile Tinnitus in my right ear. It is especially bothersome at night when I lay down. I haven’t seen a specialist for that.
My digestive system has been extremely compromised and I have daily bouts of nausea and diarrhea. I do see a GI doc and found through biopsies taken during endoscopy that I am not producing the digestive enzymes required. I take a few supplements for that and am on a very limited diet now. That doc has mentioned my vagus nerve for the last 3 years but with no treatment plan.
I’ve dealt with dysphasia (difficulty swallowing) and have yearly stretching done on my esophagus but last year it produced no results. After the endoscopy, I was told the gastritis is worsening despite the limited diet of no caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, etc…
I had been having right sided neck pain and mobility issues looking to the right so sought the opinion of my spine doc. (I have had lumbar fusions in the past.) The X-rays and following MRI showed many structural problems and arthritis. When I asked if my recent vagus nerve episode could be related I was told no.
When I looked up Vagus Nerve symptoms I can check off most of them. Who to see or what to do about it is confusing.
Have you gotten any answers by a neurologist or gone to Mayo?
I’m tempted to seek help at a Mayo Clinic if I would be accepted. Like you stated, mornings are especially symptomatic. I have so much arthritis popping up throughout my body but bloodwork showing nothing irregular so assuming it is osteoarthritis.
Please keep us posted on your journey.
Best wishes,

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For the past 10 yrs my heart rate has been fluctuating from 185/110 to 70/55 with a lot of dizziness and have passed out 7 times. From my research I found that the vagus nerve basically sends signals to the brain which tells the heart to regulate blood flow. Have been to numerous cardiologists and neuroscientists who have not given me an answer for passing out and dizziness after doing all their tests. I mention the vagus nerve to the cardiologist in Florida after passing out and winding up in the hospital again and basically tell me it is not the Vargas nerve causing the passing out episodes, which I still think it is. I am frustrated after all these years with no answers .