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Yes, I took Algae Cal and Stronium Boost for a year and a half before having a repeat DEXA where I actually improved in both my spine , average went from -3.6 to -3.3 -that was a 5 something percent increase
And my one hip value improved by 6 something percent as well and the other decreased minimally. ( On vacation so don’t have actual values for you right now) . That was very encouraging. However, last summer I had a compression fracture of L 1 , but I will explain that I was just over CoVID and had been coughing a lot to the point where my low back was bothering me and then to boot I stood up off a horrible couch quickly flexing my trunk foward ,which now I know after learning much that keeping your trunk in a straight upright posture helps to decrease the potential of fracturing your spine. Anyway , since then I have backed off of using the Stronium part of the Algae Cal products as the information is a bit conflicted on the use of Stronium. As I understand it from some peoples perspectives “in the know” it can give you a better DEXA Reading because it can replace calcium in the bones and is heavier in weight than calcium. Also, told it can make your bones more brittle. But there is also information out there that feels Stronium has its place . For me I have decided for now to just take the Algae Cal and not the Stronium until I feel more settled on that. Good luck in your learning of information!!

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Thank you so much for your response, it’s been very helpful 😊