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Bunnie, my story was very similar to yours. NSCLC adenocarcinoma with a tumor of 2.5 to 2.0 cm. I had 3 one-day sessions of chemo and immunotherapy, 3 weeks apart. Robotic surgery 4 weeks later. Removed the middle lobe of my right lung. Pathology could not examine the tumor, as found completely destroyed by chemo. Also, of 37 lymph nodes annihilated by robot, or sampled, pathology found no sign of cancer. Quick recovery of surgery, only spent 2 nights in hospital with good pain control. 3 Weeks later now, still recovering with mild pain medication. My 4 incisions are healing nicely. The area around the ribs is still sensitive to the touch, or when getting in or out of a car. I was told this is normal, related to both muscle pain as nerve pain because of handling of robotic instruments in between ribs. Could take some more weeks to completely heal. I am 7 years older than you, I do not think age itself would affect the outcome, being healthy is most important I guess. More advice : try to walk around a lot, especially the first week. I took my first short walk with a nurse only 6 hours after waking up from surgery. Also, when told to limit the weight in your hand at the surgery side to -say -8- pounds, please do stick to it…I had more, and regretted…Always listen to your body : sleep when it makes you yawn, rest when it says you feel tired. Most important : ask a lot of questions to your doctors, expect serious and honest answers, build up confidence. I had terrible anxiety in the early 6 weeks. Up to the moment that I received my diagnosis, and the proposal for the treatment. Decided at the spot. First chemo 1 week later. For me, that was the moment that most uncertainty vanished. As did most anxiety. Both are very related. Just my experience. Hope any of this helps. Good luck.

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Thats awesome advice. How long did you wait on a diagnosis and surgery? I lost like 5 lbs between the time they ordered my pet scan and when I received the results. The anxiety is the worst...but as my daughter said this is forward progress and I do want this cancer out of me! Did you have to have any chemo or treatment afterwards?