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Hi, thanks for the update. Love the best remedy Coffee. I spoke to my doctor about this excess phlegm and he gave me a small list of over the counter chemicals, my reply was are any of them better than the black coffee I drink? He looked at me strange and i just said well for me Coffee works fine.

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Excess mucus in the throat was a huge issue for me following a maxillectomy and radiation. This continued for many many months. After a second admit to my hospital for unrelated to my cancer issue, i discovered that each bed had a suction machine on the wall. It connected to a small hand held devise bedside. I started using this for throat mucus and phlegm and it worked well. After discharge i discovered that home health medical equipment companies had portable machines for home use. I was able to get insurance approval and rented in on a monthly basis. I did have to get a prescription and an order from my doctor. There were two options. A stationary model and a smaller portable one. I chose the portable one and took it everywhere i went just in case i needed it, the mucus finally resolved enough that i was able to send back the machine. It has been 3 years since my initial surgery and radiation and although many symptoms and side effects have resolved i still suffer from dry mouth, fibrosis of jaw muscles ( trismus) and neck fibrosis. I find that most drinks have a drying effect in my mouth so I drink only water. That should help loosen the mucus. Best of luck and know that it will get better.