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Neuropathy and constipation

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I developed neuropathy first in my feet and now legs. I was diagnosed with length dependent sensory neuropathy and was referred a spine center for steroid injection for pain. I kept trying to convey to the people at the spine center that pain was not the major issue, it was lack of sensation in feet that made walking and driving a car difficult (now impossible). Around the same time I started to suffer from constipation but I did not link the two. I went to a gastroenterologist who referred me for an x-ray to see my colon, which turned out to vividly confirm constipation. He referred me for a defacography exam which indicated my neuropathy was causing a lack of proper bowel function. A colonoscopy indicated no obstructions in the bowel and the conclusion was that the problem was definitely related to the neuropathy and his solution was to recommend suppositories or enemas. I have used Miralax and the generic and it helps some but definitely not a solution.
A neurosurgeon thinks that my spinal stenosis and spine misalignment are contributing to the neuropathy. I am planning to go ahead with the spine surgery and hope it will result in some improvement. One neurosurgeon I saw felt all of my neuropathy was due to my back problems. We shall see.

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Louise1942 I have been dealing with constipation also and learned it is a result of the pills I am taking for neuropathy. It says right on the bottle that they may cause constipation. I have changed my diet to include more ruffage foods and bran buds sprinkled on your yogurt or other things also help this problem. I also take two tabs of senicot at bed time. You can get this in any pharmacy. I would be interested in knowing if your spinal surgery works. I wish you all the best and do keep in touch. Hugs

My story is similar to yours. I have the neuropathy and had to have spine surgery but for a different reason. After total recovery I too added roughage to my diet, eat prunes every morning take psyllium every day and make sure to drink plenty of water. It is also important to be active. These steps have helped me maintain my GI system. If it does happen that I don't have a bowel movement for 3 days, I take Senokot as prescribed on the bottle. It is OTC. I hope this helps.