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Hi @nsclckrasg12v, I saw a recent post from @colleenyoung regarding virtual visits, and she mentioned, “When the Federal health emergency was lifted May 11th, 2023, access to virtual appointments changed across the nation. Not all appointments are permitted virtually.
Mayo Clinic welcomes both new and existing patients for virtual and in-person care in adherence with federal and state executive orders and guidance. Virtual care is available for out-of-state patients IF the provider you are seeing is licensed in the state where you live.”

I have seen some health systems offering virtual visits, but I’m not sure if they are getting around the state credentialing issues.
Because virtual visits can offer significant benefits to patients, I too am hopeful that the executive orders will be worked out over time.

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Hi Lisa,

I live in California and called Mayo for a second opinion ( I start treatment next week here locally ) lung cancer adenocarcinoma stage 2B/3A (Doc wants to classify 3A due to lymph nodes) T1N2MO 9 weeks chemo/Immunotherapy then surgery, then more Immunotherapy-12-13 months treatment plan
I was told on the phone I have to come in person and that all new patients must come in person for an appointment. Are you saying this is not true? I would love to get a second opinion virtual appt-