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Hi again @soul,

I’d like to introduce you to Connect member @retairforceman @sue_in_delaware @nananet – all who are living with colorectal cancer.

You’re not alone. I’m sure you have a million questions racing through your mind. What concerns you the most right now?

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I have just finished 28 radiation treatments and 56 chemo treatments  (3 1500 MG Saluda pills twice a day) which ended on September 11, 2015 and Colon Rectal surgery on Dec 9 2015 which was performed by a Dr John C. REILLY,  Colon Rectal surgeons of HAMOT MEDICAL CENTER Erie PA which removed my rectum and part of my colon and massive tumor . I was,stage 4. They did resection ing of the colon and colostomy.  I was,discharged on Dec 16 2015. The,surgery lasted 7 hours. I was near death because severe ischemic heart disease all from AGENT ORANGE HERBICIDES EXPOSURE DURING THE VIETNAM WAR AND LATER.  I also had plastic surgery performed at the,same time.  The pathology report came back totally clean. No cancer. They wanted to continue more chemo but I declined. 

My most concern is My Mom’s well being. Knowing that she does not have any disease no high blood pressure, no heart disease, no diabeties. Normal healthy person and She was just experiencing constipation and diarrhea and then now after colonoscopy, she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
I don’t want her to suffer in pain. I wanted to find out the easy way to remove this rectum mass from her rectum. My Mom mentioned that she will not be able to go through Chemo and etc., I would like to find out from Mayo clinic that the Robotic surgery or laser can use to remove the rectum mass. If so. I would like to know which hospital and Doctor they can recommend in Thailand ( Bangkok or any cities) since my Mom lives in Thailand.

@soul, you can call the International Services department http://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/international/appointments. While they can’t recommend specific treatments or professionals in other countries, they may be able to help answer some of your questions.

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