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I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I went through a 5 year journey trying to get help with tremors and excruciating nerve pain. I saw several Neurologists at Mayo as well as all over my home state. Was misdiagnosed several times. However, somehow I got lucky and was seen by Dr. Pittock in Rochester. He writes the textbooks for med students. I was finally diagnosed with FND (Functional Neurological Disorder); FMD ((Functional Movement Disorder); and another one in my brain I can't remember right now. Anyway, I started studying all the recent breakthroughs in this. Opioids do nothing for nerve pain and only cause more problems. Exercise, food as medicine, yoga (which I hate lol), diaphragmatic breathing. Those have been huge for me. I still have flares, I still have pain daily, but I'm no longer laying on the floor screaming. You might look into FND.

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I have many dysfunctions in my body that I have been diagnosed with and most are the result of all the surgeries I have undergone. The two that cause the most pain comes from a 2-level cervical fusion in 2002 and pelvic floor dysfunction which started when my youngest child was born in 1980. So I have been dealing with many modalities to try and help the pain. I slather myself with just about any cream that helps with pain, using one on my pelvic area and another on my neck. I have had nerve blocks but have experienced inflammatory responses to anti-inflammatories like steroids and others. My body challenges me every time I try a new modality. I can no longer exercise like I used to as I have severe balance and visual disabilities and have to use a walker to go everywhere. I do chair exercises and have used meditation (which works a lot of the time) since 1990. I will just keep trucking on, doing the best I can. I have hopes that, with all the work that is being done on alternatives to pain medications, more relief can be found for the future. It really helps to know that we are not alone on this journey and suggestions from everyone are paramount and wellcomed.

I also was diagnosed with FMD. I’ve had tremors, vibrations, itching, burning, pain, involuntary movements, non epileptic seizures. I would agree that change of lifestyle can help improve your symptoms. Also, my FMD is migraine and pain triggered so I am on migraine medication now.
Best of luck to you all,