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I had to decrease from 20mg to 10mg Tamoxifen. I have triple positive DCIS with microinvasion. I had a mastectomy no lymph node involvement. But the side effect for me have been dizziness, anxiety, brain fog, and heavy menstrual flow. I took myself off completely for 3 weeks and felt normal. Oncologist says I need to get back to the 20mg. I feel like this is not quality of life. I am having a tough time being on this medicine. It seems like everyone here tolerated it well.

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I had some side effects the first week so I switched to taking it before bed and I'm all good now! Been on it since October. I sleep well knowing I have something in my body fighting the return of cancer.

If these issues continue, I would advocate to try a different medication.
“If your quality of life is one you cannot abide, then why would you continue to fight this”.
That is the argument I would use, we each have to make our own decision based on our own reactions, but I have definitely fought for medication changes when things were truly awful.
Are you comfortable giving this a try, and if it continues asking to try something different?

Hello. I had most of the symptoms you had on Tamoxifen. I went down to 10 MG. but now I have gallstones, so I can't continue. I have osteoporosis, so only Tamoxifen is bone protective. There are clinical trials for 2 natural substances. One is Turkey Tail Mushrooms. 3 grams a day, ( at least). The other is Indole-3-Carbinol. I take 200mg, but may double it. J have no side effects, and I know they are being looked into by legitimate researchers. Turkey Tail has been used, by doctors in Japan, for decades. It is for you to read about these supplements, and make your own decisions, of course, but these seem to be the natural way to help keep breast cancer from returning.