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I did have Tramadol for pain which I only needed for a few days. DO TAKE WHAT THEY GIVE YOU BEFORE THE PAIN STARTS. Your block will mean you feel great when you first get home, so it’s important to take your painkiller BEFORE the pain starts. Walk as soon as you can, even if it’s only around the house.

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I had an upper right lobectomy 7 weeks ago, with the Robot and the Tramadol was not working so they switched me to Oxycodone, which just too the edge off the nerve pain. Last week I started on the Pregabalin 25 mg., first week only 2 a day, which seemed to be helping but then not so much ( I think my doctor put me on low dose due to many allergic reactions) the one reaction I had was swelling of feet and ankles, which didn't seem to be an issue, so now taking 2 during the day and another 2 at nighttime. That had helped for a few days and now I am not finding much relief. Surgeon mentioned every nerve was nicked during surgery and wondering who else may have experienced this much pain. Was hope after 2 days after surgery and was shocked by the large scar and swelling above it. So it was more than the 3 or 4 holes from the robot. Still swollen even after it leaked one night for 4 hours straight. Also had a thorosentisis; but in another area (SO ADD ONE MORE WOUND). The scab on that one has crusted and I am trying not to touch it. My biggest concern is the large incision and the lump above (still swollen) was told it will eventually go down. Wondering when that may be, as wearing bras or anything that touches that site is painful. Due to having emphysema I have been basically a Shut-IN all through COVID. I realize at my age (75) I am not going to heal as quickly as many of those that are younger. I've always taken care of my home and now the smallest tasks have become overwhelmingly hard to do and leave me in more pain.
My spouse is doing is best but he doesn't know how to cook so I have had to fend for myself.
I am writing this and realizing how depressed I am, as we were going to try to take a trip to get away for a week. But I am afraid of these wounds if I am on a beach, does anyone know if both beach and a 9 hour drive may be too difficult for me now? I don't want to make my spouse have to be stuck home as we are both tired of being home.
Anyone that can give me advice, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I realize it might be call your surgeon; but he seems dismissive of my concerns. Final visit after surgery only went by x-ray and never looked at swelling. He's in and out so no time to ask questions, so later sent photo to them on portal of how swollen I was.
My first time here! Sorry if this was lengthy just looking for advice from others that have similar experiences.
Thank you