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Hi Matthew
Yes mine will be rats as well. My surgeon suggested walking and more walking up till the surgery so I've been pounding the pavement through my neighborhood. I keep flip flopping between looking forward to getting this out of my lung and being really scared cause of well surgery. Its good to see so many people have had the same and are up and living their lives soon after though!

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RATS is the best. I had four small incisions and almost can't find one of them anymore. As to the surgery, at least you're a woman. My wife and I had a consultation with my surgeon before the surgery. At one point, he turned to my wife and told her to be prepared because I would be depressed after the surgery for three reasons,
1. He's young. He said most people requiring this surgery were 20 years older.
2. He's a man. And we men don't emotionally handle such things as you women (talking to my wife), and
3. He's an engineer, and they tend to overthink things.
At that point, I replied, "Wheen, have I eeeever overthought anything?" Then we all had a good laugh, which my wife and I kinda needed about then.

You may have guessed I'm a pretty positive person, but I still had a bit of anxiety before. Sounds like you're doing fine and you're right. It'll be good to get rid of that thing. Plus, they'll be able to get a good look at it and definitively tell you what type of cancer you have which will determine future treatments. I have the EGFR mutation, so I take a small pill once a day. That's it!