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Hi- I had robotic surgery as well but upper L lobe, stage 1b . Mine was 3 weeks ago and I am still having lots of pain . Surgeon says it’s nerve pain, Wondering how long your pain lasted?
Thanks! Glad you’re doing well .

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Hi- I had an upper left lobe segmentectomy for my 1.5 cm Adenocarcinoma, and a small wedge from my lingula which tested to be a granuloma. I had it on March 24th. Also had both breast implants explanted at the same surgery. I am only 58, but I did fine. I have little twinges of a pain here and there still but yes, still an ache in the rib area where my bra goes around. I was on Lyrica for about 2 weeks after surgery and Tramadol, an opioid, that I stopped after a week and a half. Also Robaxin, for muscle spasms. If I have any pains I take either extra strength Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I have the regular 200’s but I also have the 800mg. Those work really well. I was so scared before my surgery, but the best advice I got from this site and the doctors was to Walk walk walk. Good Luck to you! It will be okay.❤️

Hi Deb, I had the same surgery as you at the end of October. The nerve pain lasted a few months for me but was minimized by lidocaine patches and Lyrica. By February, the nerve pain was gone. I was diligent in walking four times a day for 15-20 minutes and am convinced that the walking facilitated my recovery. Best of luck!

Yes, pain lasts a while. Mine was area below my right breast in front. It started to subside after a month or so. I switched from Tramadol to Tylenol after about a week. Are you still taking a heavy duty pain killer?

Hello, I'm 66, just had a bronchoscopy with biopsy; couldn't get much tissue bc of location. Thoracic surgeon recc upper left lobectomy (was hoping for a resection). Haven't see oncologist yet. Says I'll lose 15% of my capacity but as of now lung function is fine. I have other nodules but not growing. Feel like a load of bricks have hit me. Wondering how long it will take to recoup after reading this bc Dr said I could prob go home after 1-2 days and should do fine.

I had first VATs Dec 2021 with nerve pain. It took about 4 months to disappear.