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Recommendation for 0.2 micron filters

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Hi FormerGardener!
I have been struggling with this as well! The .02 filter is the recommendation but I found that if you buy purified water treated by reverse osmosis-this process uses that type filter and is a bit cheaper than Spring water. I also boil water in microwave for cooking and coffee. There is also a product called Life Straw ( water bottle) that you can buy from Sam’s or Amazon which has the .02 micron filter in it as well and would allow you to use tap water for drinking. I also soak my shower head and sink faucet head in bleach weekly for 30 minutes. I hope this helps!

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Hello, Nana43. Thank you so much for your suggestions.

I had read that reverse osmosis does not eliminate mycobacteria. The water that we had ordered to be delivered monthly was reverse osmosis and other filtration. The company picks up those 5 gallon plastic bottles, a they go through a sanitizing process before being reused.

I thought about just keeping the subscription for the bottles and simply eliminating the dispenser. That means still boiling the water in my large pot. I would have purified water that is also boiled.

I have heard about the lifestraw and will check it out.

When you soak your showerhead and faucet heads, do you put the bleach in a plastic bag and rubber-band it to the faucets? Our faucets are not easy to disassemble. Also, if there are any o-rings, the chlorine may cause them to decompose.

I will definitely itely look into your suggestions. Thank you so much!