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Your cancer fear is so valid and I suspect burping is often a sign of digestive disorder much less serious first before the thought cancer comes up. Have you ever been seen to potentially diagnose a hernia or gallbladder issues? Or food disorders like celiac or non celiac gluten sensitivity. Perhaps you have other symptoms besides burping? My aunt had a hiatal hernia and she burped a lot after meals and just recently had it fixed. Have you ever had any of this checked out?

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I have been having this burping since November. I had a colonoscopy in Jan, normal result. Had upper endoscopy in Feb, only mild GERD.I took medications for GERD but the burping did not improve. I started to think pancreatic cancer, as I also developed abdominal pain and weight loss recently, bit after CT scan, MRI and endoscopic ultrasound,, this also has been ruled out. Still have the burping and pain. I will have the test for celiac disease soon. But if this also is negative, nobody can give me an explanation for burping and pain.I started to think of MALS after I read about it here but I don't know if anyone where I live knows about this disease.