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I don't qualify for the Whipple, but I can relate to being so sick after chemo round 1. (And I get your comment about wanting to stop because it's so bad. I told my husband not to panic, but I could see why my brother halted chemo--it's arduous at best and awful at worst.) In my case, the MD prescribed 80 percent of the standard care for round 1. I had nausea and vomiting for nearly two weeks and uncontrollable diarrhea for 6 days during the off-chemo week. Heck, I was still throwing up when I went for chemo round 2. Based on those side effects, round 2 was reduced to 60 percent of standard. I've done much better. No nausea/vomiting, and I do have some diarrhea, but so far not bad. The NP told me today that very, very few people can tolerate the full dose of modified FOLFIRINOX, so we're going to stay at 60 percent. I would absolutely let your medical oncologist know about the side effects and how sick you are; perhaps they can adjust the next round in some way to help you tolerate the chemo and continue to make progress.

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Amen. Well said

I’m so sorry to hear how sick you’ve been! I totally understand as I also reacted this way after round 1. It has been an incredibly tough two weeks! Have you had round 2 yet with the modification down to 60%? I’m curious if you’ve done any better this round. My oncologist has not offered to reduce the dose and round 2 is on May 30. I’m incredibly nervous & don’t want to go in fear of what’s to come.