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Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement

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<p>Thigh pain 14 weeks after hemiarthroplasty (partial hip replacement) </p><p>The surgeon said I might be having nerve issues in relation to my glute tendons.He prescribed a nerve agent and over the counter Non steroid anti inflammatory medication to me which helped.Am not having pains at the hip but am scared the thigh and glute pain might come back which was almost unbearable.Also want to know if there are better alternative treatments out there because my country still lacks alot when it comes to health care.Am scared because I nearly died immediately after the surgery because I went into hypotension.though it's been 14 weeks post op.Also scared of exercises for sake of not wanting anything to go wrong.i currently use a cain to walk due to weight bearing</p>

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@jidetemi I'm so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. I saw that a mentor answered some of you questions in another discussion. I can't imagine going through what you are going through and to fear I was unable to get expertise medical care. I can't give you medical advice but I do know that for many ailments, lack of exercise makes matters worse. I obviously know nothing about your particular situation. I know that other ailments require limited mobility during healing. Is there no way to ask a doctor what is best?

You almost died. I can tell from your messages that you are scared. Do you have anyone that is with you and takes care of you right now? Someone that can help you find the answers you seek?

Hi, @jidetemi and welcome to Connect.
I'm sorry but I have no personal experience with hip replacements and the people I know who have had them have had no problems. I wish I could be of some help but unfortunately, I cannot. I have never had neuropathy but I can understand that it must be "psychologically draining", any constant pain is. I hope you will find some relief soon.

You mention you are in a different country. I do know that Voltaren can help with some pain, it's a gel that you rub on the area about 3 times a day, being very careful to not use too much. It is absorbed and does have side effects. The prescription name of it here is diclofenac. That may be available where you are. Again, if it is and you try it out make sure you follow the directions.