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Yes I am having sharp pain in my thigh 14weeks after partial hip replacement.but no pain at all in the hip.my surgeon seems to think it's nerve issues related to my tendons.he prescribed over the counter Non steroid anti inflammatory medication that has helped,but am so scared because health care in my country still lacks behind when it comes to issues like this.Also will like to know if there are better treatments and alternatives out there because I don't want to experience it again.God bless

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Welcome to Mayo Connect, we are a community of people living with a variety of conditions who try to help one another in our journeys by sharing experiences and encouragement. We are not medical professionals, so cannot give diagnosis or medical advice.

With one of my hip replacement surgeries, I had the same symptom and it was alarming because the hip itself was fine.. It flared up several times over the first 6 months, then stopped as the nerves had time to heal themselves. Nerves heal very slowly – after knee surgery, one of mine in particular took well over a year.

Ice or heat, along with the NSAID medication might help. I also found walking often stimulated my brain to block out the pain signals. If in addition to the pain, the leg becomes hot, red, swollen or tender to touch, it should be carefully checked to be sure a blood colt has not formed, but that is rare.