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It's possible you need to appeal the Medicare decision - a brief search shows that Part A should cover some in-hospital dental work:

Since I still can't post links, I suggest Googling "medicare paying for dental"

medicareinteractive (dot) org has more details than the official Medicare site and specifically calls out dental work related to oral cancer as being covered.

I suspect Medicare is like most insurance - the person reviewing the approval just hears "Dental" and says "Not covered" - even though it's not true in some cases.

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Very brief overview on the official site:
- Medicare Dental services https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/dental-services

More detail, specifically calling out oral cancer as a reason for Medicare to cover dental: - Medicare and dental care https://www.medicareinteractive.org/get-answers/medicare-covered-services/limited-medicare-coverage-vision-and-dental/medicare-and-dental-care

Medicare and our supplement plan F ( is Not an Advantage plan) did in fact pay for my In-HOSPITAL oral prosthesis. However the next intermediate prosthesis was NOT covered by Medicare. My surgical oncologist referred me to a general dentist for the next fabrication stage. One problem we incurred was the dentist was NOT a Medicare provider and this may have been the problem. Although they said Medicare should pay for most of it we were not successful. Medicare does not like the word DENTIST. We are not aware at least in our area. of any dentist or prosthodontist that accepts Medicare. If Medicare doesn't accept your claim your secondary wont even consider payment no matter what the claim is for. After spending thousands of dollars for a temporary prosthesis ( covering jaw, palate and teeth), our next step for the permanent replacement we decided to consult with an oral oncologist/ maxillofacial specialist we found out of town. This was for the permanent prosthesis . It was my understanding the “teeth part” of the prosthesis would not be covered but the other parts were. Even so, this saved us thousands of dollars. My bit of advice is to go to a cancer center or a speciality practice / prosthodontist that number one takes Medicare or whatever insurance you have. Number two has an oral oncology department or prosthodontist/ maxillofacial specialist that has experience with a prosthesis, with insurance and with the coding that will work. They should be able to tell you over the phone what insurance they accept. They should file your claims as well.Best of luck and I feel your pain.