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I am 2 years post op, for the first year I was throwing up constantly, sometimes food, other times stomach bile, usually in the projectile form. This past year though it has changed, including the foods I am tolerant to, now I almost never puke up food, and now atleast 2-3 times a week (usually in the earlier part of the day) I dry heave, puke up foam and stomach bile. Sometimes I get so hot from the heaving that I have to lie down. 80% of my stools are either liquid or diarrhea, and sometimes I pass a movement 3 times or more in an hour. Basically, life sucks. I've had to quit 3 jobs because I can't handle hardly anything physical anymore. Between the puking, dry heaving and weird bowel movements I almost never have much energy anymore. I get random paints in the front and backside of my body all the time and it doesn't matter if I eat 1 cracker or 700 I am still sick and stuck being a slave to the bathroom.

It's been 2 years. Whats the next step? Is there anything that isn't marijuana that I can take for all this nausea? It makes it almost impossible to work any job.

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Hello, eleko28. With the pain you are having, it sounds like it would be best to see a physician to figure out what is causing that.
You said something about foods you are tolerant to– what can you say about that? What foods have you found easier to tolerate and which ones have you found to cause problems?