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@callalloo it is the people at Genomic Health who told me this. I have also seen it in studies. I cannot explain why customer support is saying something different now. Maybe stats have changed. Just want to clarify my source- didn't make it up!

I think it is important, when we post, to say when we have DCIS even if invasive, when we are potentially influencing others.

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Exact Science developed, owns, markets and processes the OncotypeDX test. Genomic Health has nothing to do with the OncotypeDX as far as I know. But at any rate, I again spoke with Exact Science yesterday and they will get back to me with the correct numbers but reconfirm that it is not true that "30% of people with a grade 3 breast cancer get a low OncotypeDX" score.

I would add the caveat that the word low is open to interpretation and I don't know what actual quantitative value Genomic Health would consider "low." My concern is that such a result would be so unusual that it would almost encourage an jnference that the OncotypeDX is a sloppy model and discountable or unreliable.

But imagine having a grade 3 cancer and an OncotypeDX test of the tumor sample showing a very low risk of recurrence. That would be welcome news for a lot of people if, and only if, the test's protocol and model have been thoroughly examined and critiqued and found to have integrity.