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It's not true that "30% of grade 3 (breast cancers) have low OncotypeDX score." I've asked the OncotypeDX customer support people if this is true as it's been posted several times on Mayo Connect and it's not an accurate.

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I didn't edit my comment fast enough so the final sentence doesn't make a lot of sense. I have a call into Oncotype and will talk with them and try to get some useful stats. But in theory, all other things being equal as the economists like to put it, grade 3 breast cancer OncotypeDX results would parallel the actual realized recurrence stats for the general breast cancer population offset or augmented by whatever mitigating factors (health, other genetics, lifestyle, access to proactive medical care, environmental factors, etc.) also come into play for each individual. Age plays a role as well.

For those wanting to do a deep dig on the OncotypeDX protocol, and the statistical universe it works off of, there are links on the parent company's (Exact Sciences) website.

@callalloo it is the people at Genomic Health who told me this. I have also seen it in studies. I cannot explain why customer support is saying something different now. Maybe stats have changed. Just want to clarify my source- didn't make it up!

I think it is important, when we post, to say when we have DCIS even if invasive, when we are potentially influencing others.