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Hi Jlu, first off, wow 10x10cm is a very big tumor. And you have lots going on with your NETs. I am not the patient, however my husband is oddly enough I was just going to post about the Lutathera treatment to see if anyone had gone through it.
Is that your dr have you 4 options but now a days they don't want to make the decision for fear of backlash. Or it could just be the end result will be the same.
My husband is on the shot Sandostatin, long acting…(Octreatide) . I believe this is more of a maintenence drug and is goal is to keep the tumors from growing and spreading. It soars you're beyond that. So I don't know if that's a viable option, however there are very little side affects other than gas and sometimes loose stools or diarrhea within a day or so of the shot. However, it can last longer but very treatable.
. The chemo pill… forgot the name bc I can't see your post… the one with the most side affects, is also given continously. Like with the shot, given monthly, we were told the chemo pill will continue daily indefinitely. So think about that and do more research. My hubs ruled that out bc of the long term, and side affects.
The Lutathera is what we just presented to my husband for his next treatment. I've researched it, watched videos and talked with his oncologist about it. My understanding is is that it's for progressive, generally non operable NET tumors. Not to say "debulking" of the liver isn't so available due surgery….. but this treatment is IV radiation. You receive it every 8 weeks via IV at an infusion center and repeat every 8 weeks for either 4 cycles or 8 depending on the protocol for your specific treatment.
My hubs NETS metastasized into his liver and he just had surgery to remove the tumors, called "debulking". Unfortunately, there was still residual disease and new lesions since surgery 2 months after the surgery. The dr recommended the Lutathera bc it goes through the body, attaches to the receptors of the tumors/lesions and then destroys them. This being a good thing since we all know these NETS can be small and not always seen on CT's, MRI's and even the dotatate Pet Scan. My research has made me come to the conclusion that this treatment is to do the best it can at getting rid of as much cancer as possible, preferably all but that might be a stretch and get my hubs on a stable path again. When he was diagnosed in 2019 it had already metastasized to the liver, originating in his intestines. He was put on the monthly shot of Sandostatin/Octreotide, long lasting and ask was well. He was stable, until Oct of last year when his tumors had started to grow and spread. Surgery of the liver was in Feb and we are now at this crossroads of whether or not he wants the IV radiation. We'll get more clarification tomorrow. I understand the reason why and process and researched it at nauseum. He's a tougher sell. And rightfully so, it's his cancer, his body.
I would suggest you do the same. There are quite a few videos on Utube about NETS and I'm sure you can find one or several that will cover those treatments and possibly even scenarios of people who went "that" route, whichever treatment you're researching. Do your do diligence, research,research and ask questions.
Good luck to you.

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Thanks so much for the helpful information. I will meet my oncologist tomorrow to decide my treatment plan and will keep updates here.