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You are a very helpful friend of this platform. I thank you! Sharing a recent possible alternative that might prove valuable. I am hopeful that the medical experts will eventually find it appropriate to share these with us who are contemplating the value of side effects. ❤️


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@ginip very interesting about improvements in quality of life in the first year or two with 3 month breaks in therapy. I wondered, since my side effects were the worst when I first started, and my bone loss was worse in the first year than the other 4 years, whether intermittent therapy would somehow pose worse effects, particularly on bones. I would love to see this study after 5 years rather than two!

Overall this could be an encouraging option if adopted in practice and the guidelines. Thanks for sharing.

I hadn't seen this study before and it's interesting. The aromatase inhibitors are still relatively new so maybe, over time, doctors will titrate dosing with some precision or even lower it. I was reluctant to knock out estrogen completely for several reasons so declined them. I also declined site-specific radiation and chemo wasn't suggested as I had the low OncotypeDX score. I'll never know if any of these decisions turn out to be 'wrong because I could have done any or all of them and still have a recurrence. The statistics for breast cancer treatments are all over the place and include statistics for damage or side effects from the various treatment paths as well. There are a lot of research studies looking at how to attack cancer successfully with less toxic or damaging tools. What we aren't seeing yet is science finding cancer prevention success though. Unfortunately.