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I am going to talk to my doctor about again.

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Was put on it back in 2019 .. ended up in the ER thought I was having a heart attack .. if you do research on it you will find it is one of the most dangerous BP meds out there

I take Lisinopril and have for about 30 years now. I'm 71 y/o and a retired RN. While working in the ER I saw some severe reactions to the drug. In fact, one gentleman walked into the ER with significant swelling and after the staff worked for hours, attempting to help, he passed away. His airway was completely obstructed. This really scared me and I asked my physician to put me on another med, however he didn't. He felt that I was ok with the Lisinopril and I guess he was right because I've never had a reaction. My advice to you would be to be very careful if you make the decision to go back to Lisinopril. In other words, visit with a care provider about it and be aware of any side effects that may occur. If you should have any swelling in your face with it, report to an ER, or your care provider ASAP. Just my opinion.