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@callalloo I believe you had DCIS (invasive). And low risk of recurrence. I just want to say that those with invasive ductal or lobular cancer and/or higher Oncotypes, may substantially lower risk of recurrence- by half- by taking aromatase inhibitors.

Did the NEJM article recommend against taking them? Would you mind sharing a link?

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I don't have a link for that article but will post it if I come upon it again. I never did find an explanation for why he cited the predicted benefit of aromatase inhibitors at such a low number. But it really depends on the composition of the statistical universe that he was looking at.

As I noted, I had a low OncotypeDX score so already had, again if the OncotypeDX is a valid and powerful model, a single digit risk of recurrence anyway. That's why being well informed about exactly what one is dealing with is so important because the decisions sometimes need to be made on essentially very short notice. But at least with aromatase inhibitors one can at least try them. I contrast that with chemo and radiation decisions which can have permanent consequences and sometimes have to be made before one understands really what they entail. I continue to hope that everyone dealing with the wily cancer foe gets at least second opinions every step of the way.