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Hi @paddledavid, welcome to Connect.
I moved your message to this thread started a little while ago by @Cjropes who was also experiencing sharp thigh pain after hip replacement surgery. I’m also tagging members @marysapp @marikat @stumpy @learningtolive2 who have had hip replacement surgery so that they can join the discussion.

FYI, here’s some info about Meralgia Paresthetica that Dave mentions http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/meralgia-paresthetica/basics/definition/con-20030852

Dave, Is taking medication the long-term plan? What other options did your doctor suggest? I really hope @Cjropes got some answers to share here.

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Thank you for posting this information. The pain is excruciating and I couldn’t get anyone to tell me what might be happening. This pain started for me the week after my left hip was replaced. As I regained my mobility, the pain thankfully went away until last week. I was hospitalized after surgery and the dreaded pain returned. At least I now have a name to use in talking with my doctor.

I had total right hip replacement in April 2019. Prior to that I had a bad fall, fell flat on my bottom after being knocked down by a great Dane. Approximately one week later I begin to feel pressure in my low back and right hip and I wasn’t standing straight up,instead leaning forward.My right hip,thigh, & medial groin Very sensitive to touch. Standing and walking made matters worse my right hip & Lateral thigh would start to burn & tingle, The longer I stood the more intense the burning pain and pressure became. The only relief is after a right SI joint injection, I have had intense physical therapy with no results to this issue. I have had MRIs, an ultrasound,EMG. I just want to be able to stand straight and walk without a cane and to get relief from this low back pressure that is exhausting to say the least. I am a registered Nurse of many years & can’t understand why no one has diagnosed my condition plus the bad fall I had does not seem to be important to anyone on my medical team.