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I have been on Tymlos for just short of one month, so I'm hardly an expert but I hope my experiences will help you. I joined this community to hear from others who were further down the road than I was, so that's what I can offer you.
I was terrified to go on Tymlos for all of the reasons. I am 63, small, active, in otherwise great health, and feared ruining all that. My worst number was -3. I also think of myself as someone who gets every side effect there is for everything–which really isn't true– but close.
I am ramping up the "clicks" very slowly– heading into week 4, I just administered my first "3" dose. The side effect I get is the increased heart rate. It is scary and uncomfortable, but apparently not dangerous. The Tymlos nurse (and yes, if you start the drug, get assigned a Tymlos nurse– mine is wonderful–and yes, I am aware of who she works for) recently suggested I lie down and elevate my legs to lessen the effect. It totally worked. This gets into the issue of morning or evening injections (you'll find a lot about that on this site). I started out with evening, but then I found myself dreading the night coming, so I switched to morning– when I'd be more distracted. But now that I'm lying down after the shot, I'm going back to evenings. I have figured out how to do the injections, so I don't dread them and the evening so much. I could keep talking, but I'll stop for now.
I will be glad to answer any other questions that I can.
Good luck.

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I am not doing well on Forteo so I asked my doctor about Tymlos and he said I could not ramp up the dose because it came in pens with remeasured doses. How did you get the Tymlos that can be increased gradually?

Thank you for your helpful tips. I too am terrified to start tymlos but your tips give me courage.