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kugrad1975: As I understand it, your biopsy material is good for a year so you may want to have a Decipher test using the biopsy material to test aggressiveness. Maybe the Oncotype DX score can be used for prostate spread issues as well but I thought it was used more for breast cancer. My psa jumped from the earlier years of 1-4 to 6.8, then 8 then 10.2 in a one and a half year period. A prostate MRI really helped me to decide on a biopsy. I had 3+4 Gleason and was 69 when I made my decision for narrow margin radiation. I just turned 70 and have had 5 treatments of radiation finishing in February of this year. For me, I did not want to think about "it" getting worse in the short term, daily, weekly or monthly. I was looking for some sort of relief for a longer period of time with good quality of life.

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I would be interested in the details of your Prostate Cancer Journey and treatment decision-making process, IF you are of a mind to share. Thanks ahead of time!

As it was explained to me, the Oncotype DX score is based off the biopsy slides, and tends to indicate the level of aggressiveness and likelihood of metastasis. Based on the information I was provided my score of 17 was deemed low risk for metastasis. A score above 50 was deemed to be high risk for metastasis, but they had data that claimed any one with a score below 25 had a zero to negligible risk of metastasis at 10 years. That claim may have to be taken with a grain of salt!