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I was afraid too. I had osteoporosis for many years, was on a cancer med that made bones even worse. My endo did not want to use Reclast or Prolia due to other health issues and I could not tolerate Forteo (I went to an immunologist to try to get on, years ago). I made the mistaken assumption, as did my doc, that Tymlos would be physically intolerable. Net result is several spinal fractures. I would endure any side effect to avoid spinal fractures. I am here to tell you: osteoporosis has no symptoms, but fractures sure do!

When I first went on Tymlos and took the full dose or even half dose, it was impossible. I ended up in the hospital (long story). I stopped, investigate Evenity which was the other option, and went back on Tymlos but this time I starte at 2 clicks out of 8 on the injection pen. When my body got used to that, I went up a click. I got up to 6 clicks and my doc was happy and for the last 9 months have done 7. My DEXA gains have been amazing.

Tymlos causes fatigue for me, and some dizziness. I used to stay in bed but have found getting up and out actually helps. It is worth it!

Afterwards we can do a Reclast infusion but that lasts a long time and we may be able to take a med break with monitoring.

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Thank you all for your honest replies. No matter what happens, it is clear this group is a great support. I truly appreciate not being alone on this!