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I was wondering that! Glad I can wear at work if I need to. I ordered the plugs this morning. I'll do ANYTHING to get my life back. So, I put them in on the onset of my ears ringing? That happens every day sometimes all day sometimes just a few. I cannot wait to try them. Do I have to remove them slowly as to not blow my mind! haha
Thanks so much frobvt.

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Okay cmg,

I hear you, I understand your frustration well! Yes, if your ears are ringing, that means the barometric pressure is shifting.

At that time, check the WeatherX app on your phone, to see what's changing. It will make a suggestion that you might need to put your plugs in.

Remember, I mentioned that this app will warn you when things are going to change, and it will suggest whether or not you should put them in. You will be entering your ZIP code where you live, in order to get that info. You will also be able to adjust your level of sensitivity. So I would start out and keep it at the lowest setting like I do (0.03), because I'm very sensitive to barometric pressure changes, however slight.

Why don't you go to the weatherx.com website and read all you can about it? Also, I noticed that the app is going to have something new, which I think is awesome. Coming soon, we will be able to track our migraines! And, the app is free.

Ha ha, you're not going to blow your mind, and you're not going to go zooming around the room if you take them out quickly!

Fingers crossed and prayers, hopefully this is going to help you like it has me!

And, your entirely welcome! Please keep me posted.