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I would love to sleep like that! I'm lucky to get 5 hours before the pain sets in. I take 900mg at bedtime!

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Cher27: I am so sorry that the Gabapentin you take at night doesn’t get you through the night. I wish I could help you…but I will pray for you and hope our Father in Heaven has mercy on you.
PS. I neglected to mention that along with the Gabapentin, I also took .05 mg. of Clonazepam. Maybe you could try that. Both are about as mil as you can get but that is all I need. Perhaps you could discuss it with your Physician and he could prescribe the appropriate dosage for you. Let me know if it works for you.

Master Chief and Cheryl:
Thanks for acknowledging my comments about Gabapentin. I wanted to make sure you saw my second message in which I neglected to mention that along with the 200 mg. Gabapentin, I also took a .05 Clonazepam pill. I don’t know if that added to my 12 hour sleep or not, but I wanted you to know in case you decide to ask your doctor for Clonazepam. It wouldn’t hurt to try both of them at bedtime (higher strength) of both. I am such I light weight when it comes to taking meds. When I had my spinal surgery, they gave me Fentanyl and probably lots of it because it was a five hour surgery and when I woke up, I felt like I was crazy…my room did not look like the same room; the nurses’ voices sounded like they were yelling at me; the patients’ down the hall were laughing at me (or so I thought). I really scared my two daughters who did not know why I was acting like a “looney tune”. It lasted for two days and then I was me, again. My surgeon said it was from the Fentanyl they had given me during the 5 hour surgery. I will never take or allow them to give me Fentanyl again. I was hospitalized again two months ago and ended up having gall bladder surgery and I made sure that the record said that I cannot tolerate fentanyl and the anesthesiologist seemed upset about that but so be it! Now I understand why our precious children are dying from it! It is a very powerful drug. Don’t take it if you do not have to, my friends. In any event, I hope you can find medication that will let you sleep soundly and dream beautiful dreams. God bless!