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Thank You very much for this information. I have been tracking food intake now for 3 weeks. It may sound crazy, but the day after I had indian food, I was so clear in the head. I know incorporate cumin, tumeric, and ginger into my prepared mails at home. I also have made curry. It's not as good as the restaurant but not too bad. I take ginger, magnesium, B2, turmeric and other supplements. I am going to look into those ear plugs because my ears constantly ring.
Thank You for your help.

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Hi cmg,

Isn't that something? I also take Meriva Turmeric, Ginger, Vitamin B2, Magnesium, as well as some other common supplements, daily. I take the supplements, (capsules), Ginger and turmeric and vitamin B2. My Magnesium is in pill form. I don't believe I will get full benefits of the aforementioned unless taken by capsule or pill. Of course, I love spices, and still eat those in dishes that I make.

Please do get the earplugs and try them- they may help you more than you know! As I've mentioned before, they won't stop every migraine. When my ears start ringing, I check the WeatherX app on my phone, and that will let me know exactly what is going on with the barometric pressure. It's then I insert the earplugs, anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending upon the pressure change. However, if you suffer from barometric pressure changes and you have increased sensitivity in your brain from getting a concussion, it makes sense to try the WeatherX earplugs. Also, I don't wear those earplugs just five times and buy another pair as they suggest on their website. Too expensive. I take a moistened Q-tip and wipe them down, and have worn them for 2 to 3 months before I buy another pair. Oh, I always keep an extra pair on hand! I don't do well with traditional medicine, so Gabapentin didn't work for me, and Topamax nearly wrecked me! I'm so happy that I found these earplugs, they have really helped me tremendously!

You're entirely welcome, glad that I can be of help!