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So grateful for your reply. Yes, I have been keeping a journal of food and drink intake and trying to eliminate one thing at a time. I have had no alcohol since January, no chocolate for a week, no caffeine for 5 days. I don't know how long these things typically take to get completely out of your system. I am on 7 days of the medication. I have not seen a tremendous difference. My neurologist wants me to go two weeks before we judge if it's working for me.
I had a concussion in November of 2022 and all this started in January. I am not sure it is related but I can't rule it out.
I wondered if there was a pill you could take on the onset. There are mornings I wake up clear headed, however by 11 am my ears are ringing, and the dizziness begins. I remain unbalanced for the rest of the day. On a good day with just slight symptoms, nighttime always brings on the symptoms. I find myself in bed by 8pm most of the time. I did PT , learned exercises to force myself to get dizzy, and did not see much of a difference.

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Hi cmg,

I still eat chocolate, only in modern amounts- but keeping a food diary may help you discover what your triggers are? I don't consume alcohol because it causes migraines, and I can't digest it well. It does take a couple of weeks of eliminating foods to see any countable differences, if there are any. If I start to get ringing in my ears, I look to the Weatherx migraine app; and surely enough, the barometric pressure is either rising or dropping. That's when I insert the earplugs for two to four hours, depending on my symptoms.
Taking a pill? Instead, I reach for the WeatherX earplugs, that help to moderate the barometric pressure changes slowly. Also, it makes sense that it could be possible and probably is due to your concussion.

It took me about a year to fully recover from mine. I did notice that I had the vertigo problems after my concussion, and that's when I discovered the WeatherX earplugs. If you could track the barometric pressure, there might be a correlation between that and your vertigo? If and when you decide to get the earplugs, they also have a free app and an alert system that will let you know when to put the earplugs in. These earplugs are good in helping to alleviate migraines, (for me), or else greatly reduced them, and it has helped me tremendously with vertigo. If I should feel any type of vertigo, I will put the earplugs in for 3 hours . They are under $20, it's worth a try! I rarely get vertigo at this point and manage it by also drinking a little extra water.

Hoping for the best for you, please keep in touch!