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Hi cmg,

First of all, I'm very familiar with Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and I have seen them for different issues throughout the years. They are excellent and knowledgeable people!

Caffeine isn't the best thing, and I can't tolerate it myself, so I avoid it. Have you kept a food diary? Do you feel as though any foods might be triggering your vestibular migraines? Please ask your neurologist if she or she believes keeping a food diary would help.

I must eat gluten-free and dairy-free, and am allergic to artificial sweeteners. But barometric pressure is my worst enemy!

I'm not familiar with vestibular PT, but I do believe it would have its merits.

After I get a concussion a couple years ago, the vestibular migraine started and they were awful! No, I didn't take any medication for those. What I did do was discover the WeatherX earplugs, and

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For cmg:

I accidentally hit the reply button and it got sent out without me finishing my reply, so I do apologize.

The WeatherX earplugs helped to lessen the severity of them; and now, I only get a bit of dizziness from time to time. (I still get one or two small migraines a week, and occasionally have gone a couple weeks or more without one). I'm a bit older than you, I'm 71 years old.

Basically, I ordered the ones that have the flat tabs, and I wear them to bed, almost every night.

Using those daily, in conjunction with the app that is free to download from the Play Store, helps me to keep track of the barometric pressure changes, and that's what works for me. That, and being strict with avoiding my known triggers. Staying well-hydrated with water too.

I have faith you will be able to work with your doctors, track what you are eating, and also the barometric pressure.

I'll be hoping and praying that you'll find some good solutions to help you live your life as you wish!