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Why would Reclast affect your gut? Just curious since I am about to start after Tymlos.

Do you have fractures? I have scoliosis but I believe it is from spinal fractures.

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Thanks to drugs.com, I have read about side effects that are a possibility with Reclast, along with information on who should not take it. Someone like me who has had a part of her intestines removed, resulting in malabsorption could have problems. My scoliosis is genetic and I've had it since adolescence. In 1989 I had spinal fusion surgery where hardware was implanted in my thoracic spine. At the time it was state of the art surgery. But the pressure of all that hardware on my lumbar spine has caused it to curve now. Some of my screws have popped out of place and are lodged somewhere in my back muscles 🙁 A few years ago I fractured my knee cap when I slipped on the ice, but other than that, fractures haven't been an issue. The goal for the last year has been to get my bone health to a point where the surgeon has something to work with since a year ago it would have been like him screwing into Swiss cheese. My Endo doc didn't even mention Tymlos as an option but the more I read about it, the more I think it could be a better option. When I tried Forteo 7 years ago, my hands and feet became swollen to the point where I had to go into the doctor's office bare foot and my fingers looked like sausages! After that experience I'm gun shy about medication that stays in your system with no antidotes. Like I said before – these days I feel like a 3 ring circus….