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Hello out there…
These posts have helped me tremendously in knowing I am not alone. All my imaging (CT of inner ears), MRI, MRA, and MRI of neck came are negative. My neck has two areas of stenosis on the right side. I have been diagnosed by ENT as well as a neurologist at Dartmouth Hitchcock with vestibular migraines.
I went from being a very active, healthy, and happy woman to one who has become debilitated. I am 67, work part time in a women's imaging center at a local hospital. I love working on home projects, gardening, hiking, yoga. I have had years of vertigo spouts, however for 4 months I have been dizzy daily, equilibrium way off, and hard headaches when I wake up. I am trying to learn triggers, taking all the supplements mentioned above as well as an anti-depressant the doctor put me on. There are days I can't tie my shoes without spinning. I really love my job and would hate to leave it on this account.
Knowing you all understand this is comforting. I will take any advice anyone has.
Did folks find caffeine should be eliminated? Would you recommend vestibular PT for my balance? I know all our bodies are different and will react such to medicine. Was there a common favorite that seemed to help?

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Hi cmg,

First of all, I'm very familiar with Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and I have seen them for different issues throughout the years. They are excellent and knowledgeable people!

Caffeine isn't the best thing, and I can't tolerate it myself, so I avoid it. Have you kept a food diary? Do you feel as though any foods might be triggering your vestibular migraines? Please ask your neurologist if she or she believes keeping a food diary would help.

I must eat gluten-free and dairy-free, and am allergic to artificial sweeteners. But barometric pressure is my worst enemy!

I'm not familiar with vestibular PT, but I do believe it would have its merits.

After I get a concussion a couple years ago, the vestibular migraine started and they were awful! No, I didn't take any medication for those. What I did do was discover the WeatherX earplugs, and