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Stopping Evenity Early

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I just saw this. You are smart to stop. I did 11 months. I had ZERO symptoms when I started other than low DXA scores. I feel like I have myself arthritis. I am active 66 yr old and love hiking, mountain biking etc and now feel like if I fell I’d snap! Everything aches and feels brittle which sounds odd but I didn’t feel like this before Evenity. Good news is 49% bone density increase in spine but what has it done to the rest of me? Idk but would love to know if these negative side effects disapate. It’s discouraging to have these side effects. Last injection was in February. My hips feel a bit less achy once I move around but shoulders and arms, wrists not great. Had none of this prior to Evenity. I don’t think it’s coincidence.

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I stopped Evenity after 7 injections. I had 5 weeks of unrelenting coughing. I could not speak, sleep or go thru a day without coughing. I had every test, steroids, antibiotics, EGD all normal. After 5 weeks it faded away. I had a DEXA and had 40% improvement in my spine. All other sites remained the same. I switched to Reclast. I’ve never had arthritis but prior to the Reclast, I developed it in my knees, wrists etc. It has altered my quality of life.
I have been encouraged to report to the FDA website. They are most concerned about fatal events. But we still have active lives to live, so let’s report so the true impact of the drug is available to others.