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Liver Disease: Investigating my wife's passing

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We did finally figure out what happened.

Jan 2020 normal liver, she was in Henderson Hospital. She was really sick (was covid) but they did do an ultrasound as her billis were above normal with normal LFT's and found a normal liver slightly enlarged 16.9cm

Sept 2020 she has now dropped from 214lbs to 115lbs not able to eat due to covid. Cant smell test, everything tastes horrible. Can't keep food down. Diagnosis fatty liver, liver is at 24cm.

Dec 2020 St Rose Hospital they now say liver cancer, with portal hypertension, 30cm liver. Masses vanish, Pet shows no cancer just an extremely fatty liver.

June 2021 Varacies have all vanished, portal hypertension gastropathy appears to be reducing. Liver function still norma.

August 2021 HSC in Winnipeg. Liver is at 21.9cm, high billi normal liver function. GI shows no Varacies.

November 2022 Grace Hospital Winnipeg. The liver is at 19.8cm high billi with normal liver function, no varacies. For some reason, they still think Cirrhosis. Even though Ultrasound and CT both show fatty liver.

She died due to chart issues, overdosing of vancomycin in a scenario of a VA-AKI leading to renal failure.

But what she had that confused so many was Aggressive non-alcoholic steatohepatitis following rapid weight loss and/or malnutrition. St Rose missed it, as she was not a bariatric patient. So did not go down this path.

She was though lucky and was a person who recovered from that. It seems it takes 2-3 years for the liver to fully recover from this.

I remember Dr. McDougal here in Winnipeg. She came out of the ICU, and he said Charles, your wife's liver panels are perfect. I think she burnt all the fat out of her liver, and it's now returned to normal function. Sadly he only started to work with her in the last 2 weeks of her life. He finally figured it out.

But the decompensation from being bed bound so long, having multiple ESBL infections, RSV, and Pneumonia, even though she was clawing back from all of that. The mistake with the vancomycin took her kidneys out.

3 months today, I walked into the hospital to a nightmare. The Doctor thought she would be going home in a week or two. And in a few hours, I would be calling a priest and asking WHAT HAPPENED????

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I know sympathy from a stranger can offer little comfort at this time. But I will offer it and hold you and your wife in my prayers. Please be rest assured that she is now cradled in the loving arms of our Lord and Savior. She is at peace. God bless and keep you 🙏