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Thanks so much for your reply. I am so convinced Covid is the culprit of whats going on. Convincing the GI doctors is the problem. I had a telephone consult with a GI doctor in New York , she was a firm believer that Covid kicked the immune system in bringing on the colitis. I had a Colonoscopy in October and had so much inflammation the doc could not even get all the polyps out. He had to leave some there. I just found out one was pre-cancerous.Are you having any problems with the Lialda..I was on it also, I had problems with it, and i believe that I am sensitive to anything with mesalamine in it. I have been dealing with this for almost 17 months now. I seem to have a problem with physical exercise makes my symptoms so much worse, I took Budesonide from September until about a month ago..so many side effects, I had to get off of it. My job is very physical and I really get very ill every day after work like clockwork, the same time. No dairy, fresh vegtables, friuts. My diet is pretty limited. Please stay in touch, and I hope you are feeling better. Sincerely, Kitty2

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When I started with Lialda it did not go well. After a week of taking 2.4 grams daily, I felt horrible. No energy, chills! I thought I had Covid again or maybe the flu. I got tested for both but both tests were negative. I took myself off of Lialda and almost immediately my flu-like symptoms were gone. I asked my GI doctor about the side effects of Lialda but he told me that it was a well tolerated drug. I stayed off of it for about 10 days and then my GI issues got bad so I decided to give Lialda another try. However, I started with a lower dose(i.e 1.6g per day). Much to my surprise, I was able to tolerate it. After about a week of 2 tablets (1.6g), I upped my dose to the three tablets (2.4g) originally prescribed. I have not had any issues with the drug since and it seems to very much help me. The one thing I should also mention is that I drink a minimum of 100 oz of water a day. I believe that also is a big help. I have it in my head that it is helping to constantly flush my system out. I, like everyone else, am still learning what works and what doesn't. I will continue to share but keep in mind what works for me may not work for others. Last thing I would share is that one of my go to foods when my symptoms are bad is peanut butter toast with a bananna. White Bread!