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Thank u for taking the time to respond to my questions.
Did the biopsy cause any nerve damage and/or a lip
that droops on one side?
Approximately how big and how deep was
the area that was biopsies?
If u have time please let me know.

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Just a gentle reminder — everyone is different, but below you will see a picture of the biospy site. I would guesstimate the incision was about 1-2 cm long, and as mentioned, a little ragged. Depth?? No nerve damage, no droopy lip. You can barely notice it now.
If asked, I would recommend a visit to a second dermatologist to see if you have actinic cheilitis, then go from there.
Hoping you find a speedy solution.

I have been dealing with a place on my lower lip that was like chapped lips but would never clear up no matter what I tried. It never looked bad but at the same time it remained chapped constantly. I had an appt with my dermatologist who looked at it and couple of other spots that he said were just typical keratosis, but he was concerned about the lip, so he recommended they do a shave biopsy of the entire area and send it off. The injections before the biopsy were the worst! Much worse than any dental numbing I have ever experienced, but by the fourth injection my lip was starting to numb and I did not feel the last 4 injections thankfully. The actual biopsy was a cake wake as the area was totally numb. He told me to keep Vasoline (I used Minerin) on the wound. It healed over and was totally normal looking within about 10 days. I had NO discomfort other than the injections to numb the area.
The biopsy results unfortunately indicate a bowenoid actinic keratosis (early stage squamous cell carcinoma). This will result in a referral to UTSW here in Dallas as they are the experts on dealing with this as well as the reconstruction surgery. Not looking forward to this.