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I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 3 months after having Covid. My symptoms started while I was still isolating for Covid. I am convinced Covid caused it. My main symptoms are blood in my stool and occasional diarrhea. I have been on Lialda since my diagnosis. I can't have dairy, processed sugars (think candy/sweets) or certain spices. Certain fruits and veges make it worse as well. I also take a probiotic and a multivitamin. I do drink two glasses of almond milk everyday as I have read vitamin D is important in immune response and good gut bacteria maintenence. I am also convinced my gut bacteria are out of whack. My main goal is try to maintain/increase the good bacteria in my gut by diet and probiotics and minimize the bad bacteria in my gut by eliminating things from my diet that they feed on like sugar. I have good days and not so good days like everyone else.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I am so convinced Covid is the culprit of whats going on. Convincing the GI doctors is the problem. I had a telephone consult with a GI doctor in New York , she was a firm believer that Covid kicked the immune system in bringing on the colitis. I had a Colonoscopy in October and had so much inflammation the doc could not even get all the polyps out. He had to leave some there. I just found out one was pre-cancerous.Are you having any problems with the Lialda..I was on it also, I had problems with it, and i believe that I am sensitive to anything with mesalamine in it. I have been dealing with this for almost 17 months now. I seem to have a problem with physical exercise makes my symptoms so much worse, I took Budesonide from September until about a month ago..so many side effects, I had to get off of it. My job is very physical and I really get very ill every day after work like clockwork, the same time. No dairy, fresh vegtables, friuts. My diet is pretty limited. Please stay in touch, and I hope you are feeling better. Sincerely, Kitty2