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Liver Disease: Investigating my wife's passing

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When I see this my tears come to my eyes. Being a post liver transplant patient, I am not sure how the prognosis took place.
Liver disease does not happen just overnight, it is a progressive mechanism and it takes time for one to know and feel liver failure. Typically, the face gets jaundiced and the stomach gathers plenty of fluid which needs to be syringed out especially in a Hospital setup. By the time once reaches this status you are already going through the process to find out the next step, which usually the hospitals responsibility.
I sincerely hope you will find some answers and hope for the very best.
Take Care

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My wife in the last few weeks had jaundice come and go. Her bilirubin would top out around 55-60umol/l but most of the time was in normal ranges. Her AST/ALT/LD/AKP always remained in normal ranges. It seams all the focus on this was due to what they thought was portal hypertension.

But the first sign of Fatty liver occurred in Sept of 2020. Her check in Jan of 2020 was clear. I can see no way a person can go from fatty liver diagnosis in Sept 2020 to dead Jan 2023.

She had a cyst compressing the IVC, but it then vanished.

Her major issue was her RBC and Hemoglobin which were always trending on the low side. There is a medical examiner investigation going, on due to the overdose of vancomycin.

In the 3 days, the IV was running at such a high level you could see her platelet count just drop off the map, and her UREA and Creatine levels skyrocket.

She was only 56, and prior to covid healthy… and like I said we are a non drinking family… so when the ER doctor kept going on and on about Cirrhosis.. I confused.