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Hi, so glad to find a mom who can relate! Although I’m sorry your son also struggles w these issues. Mine takes 500 twice per day… so 1000 per day. He’s been on fluoxetine nearly 2 yrs, because of a major depression episode… we have reduced it recently by 1/3 and he got really depressed again (or maybe he it was his normal mid semester panic and overwhelm because he missed so many classes and assignments and passing looked hopeless 😩). He is swearing that the Concerta is helping him focus… he said yest “mom, I wrote 6 pages today!” …. It gave me a glimpse of how hard his normal days must be because 6 pages doesn’t seem like a lot to accomplish 🤦‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️). He will literally sleep til 3:30 pm if we don’t continually harass him to get up. He’s super sweet and not defiant at all, really agreeable just cannot seem to make his body move. Doctors have not been helpful about getting off since he’s alive. But quality of life is low. He’s only happy when he’s drinking and hanging out with friends late night. God bless these young men and guide their doctors! I just don’t know how to advocate for him w his docs, he doesn’t want to change depakote because he’s afraid of seizure. He has one per year and it seems to be when he forgets several doses… in the ER his valproic acid levels are low. Do u have doc get labs on vitamin D and vitamin B? His psychiatrist finally checked those levels this year … no one ever has in all the 10 yrs we have been dealing w this!! Everyone need vitamin D, especially depressed kids on anti seizure drugs

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Yes, definitely sounds all too familiar and as parents we just want to flip a switch for them to make it all better:( My son takes both his depakote tabs at night we changed that up years ago. He was doing the same as you. He didn't go the college route instead is doing an apprenticeship, which he struggles with focus and memory which causes anxiety. Still enjoys the drinking with friends on the weekends as well. We go at the end of the month to a new doctor. I haven't gone with him to his appointments probably since he could drive because all they do is check his cognitive functions and give an order for bloodwork. I have a slue of questions I am going to ask. I have the same overall question as you any other newer meds anyone can suggest?