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What are you waiting for? Unless there is a medical reason why you shouldn’t be vaccinated, I don’t get it.
Life is not a dry run, we’re here for a short period of time.
The vaccine works - it’s been proven.
if you don’t care about yourself, at least care about others. To me, those who choose to not vaccinate are selfish to others.

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I should have shared more info, it hadn't been that easy for me because I have already had vaccine reactions and was recovering from a Dtap booster I had to get from an injury when Covid started. When I felt healthy enough to get it my very healthy, vibrant Father who had just had a full heart stress test that he passed with flying colors had a massive stroke shortly after his booster, his equally healthy brother went in for heart surgery a week after his and is still struggling. My grandmother passed away claiming of a pain in her back and legs she never had before it. I know people with Lyme who had flareups after that retriggered the Lyme after getting it... My sister has friends who had bad reactions and believe they are sick because of it and know many who were just sick all the time after they got it. So, while I have been studying all of the proven data, what has been in my personal field had not reflected the reported safety and I was scared to get sicker than I already was as I have to work and raise my daughter. I work at home, alone and have been very safe to protect my family and community and continue to wear a mask to this day. It has been a very hard, alienating and stressful decision for me and one I have not taken lightly. I had scheduled and gone to get it multiple times, once with my daughter to get hers but they were out of the Adult dosage at the Children's hospital. Then yesterday, I had a 11 am apt at Walgreens and they called me at 10 and was told they are no longer giving them so not sure what is coming down the pipeline. I wish you well and glad it worked for you.