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I am glad that you have a great team of Doctors surrounding you! Having confidence in your team is so important. It is hard to not be in control, especially of our own bodies. This was my first major surgery. I found placing myself in Gods hand was all that I could do….
To answer your questions; At the time of surgery my Surgeon told me that I had a 50/50 chance of losing my spleen. (I had prepared by getting the required immunizations needed) Luckily, he was able to spare the spleen so I was very happy about that! I didn’t/don’t require digestive enzymes or any diet modifications .(You will most likely be directed to keep to a low fiber diet for 2 weeks post surgery.) However, after that period of time I rapidly resumed my normal diet. I haven’t had trouble at all in the digestive department luckily!!!
I smiled when you said you distract yourself by walking the dog and cleaning, those are my go to coping distractions as well!
Take Care, and God Bless!

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I also have placed this in God’s hands and have my Bible study ladies praying with and for me.
Where my tumor is the dr is concerned he would not be able to save the spleen as it is right up against the spleen blood vessels.
I’m wondering if after the surgery some of the issues I have had such as heartburn, not keeping food down, dizziness, bloating and high blood sugar that doesn’t respond to medicine effectively will lessen or go away. One can hope.
My poor pups will wonder why mom isn’t up cleaning or taking them for walks for a while. But I’m going to get back out there as soon as I can without hurting myself.
Your recovery sounds like it is going so well. I’ll keep you in my prayers.