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Hi Michelle,
I had a 2cm nonfunctioning pancreatic net on the tail of my pancreas as well. My surgery was Jan 09, 2023. I had laparoscopic robotic surgery and it was luckily quite an easy surgery and recovery for me.(my experience only.) I am 59yrs young, and currently not receiving any treatments post surgery and feeling good. I forget that I have this cancer type.
Have they told you if you have a functioning Or nonfunctional tumor? Functioning tumors often produce symptoms like you mention.
I was very nervous about the surgery and possible outcomes and complications. I caused myself a lot of undo stress and sleepless nights ruminating on the what ifs. You seem like a very tough individual both mentally and Physically. These traits will serve you well.
My best piece of advice is to get up and walk, and keep walking as soon as you can! It helps with recovery and aids in getting the body systems moving. Also, having a neuroendocine specialist is an absolute must. (Mine is Dr. Eric Liu)
Best of luck with the surgery! You are a tough United States Marine! You definitely can do this!!!!❤️

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I’m so happy you are recovering so well. I hope to have the same good recovery.
They do not know what type (functional or non functional) as of yet.
I think just the thought of having something out of my control right now is stressing me out. I take my dogs for a walk and clean to distract me.
I will listen to your advice to get up and walk after surgery to get body systems moving and help in recovery.
Have you noticed any need to change diet? Did you have your spleen also removed?
My oncologist specializes in neuroendocrinology I have a good team of doctors surrounding me.
I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you again for your advice.