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My advice is to ask to be referred to a cardiologist. They have a lot more tricks up their sleeve and have treated hypertension for a living. Once they establish a medication regime for you, maintenance can be done by pcp. There is such a bewildering variety of bp meds – I am sure your cocktail is somewhere out there too. Speaking from the experience of relatives. Just out of curiosity – you mentioned you had a very mild case of covid – but you are on oxygen? Did they scan your lungs when you were sick? It's worth knowing if there is any damage there as pulmonary rehab can do wonders for overall health too!

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Too tired and late to respond but have lots to say. I'll say more in the next few days. I did see a cardiologist like 2 years ago and he told me I had POTS "probably" and he could "medicate me but it won't help and will make me feel lousy, did I want him to put me on pills anyway?"
Well, NO.

I've seen every specialist. One says I'm fat. Pulmonologist said my 02 was 90 and I had a partially collapsed lung but "she is obese so that could be the cause of her shortness of breath."

Not to feed into their fat shaming, but the truth is, yeah, I'm not a size 8, I'm 68 and don't want to be a size 8, but i'm "only" a 16/18. Meds I'm on make it impossible to lose weight. So tired of being fat shamed. And just shamed period. We didn't do this to ourselves…makes me mad. My PCP is not like that. I find men are more likely to fat shame a woman than a female dr. None of them said it in person. Not one mentioned my weight. It was only to the insurance company that they said it – and charged insurance for 15 minutes of "nutritional counseling." My pulmonologist??

I didn't have any lung involvement when I had it. After month 2, I started with SOB and low 02s. Many times 85-89. My pulse would also go thru the roof with any activity. Still, if i walk to the kitchen, it will go up to 130. More later. be