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Could this be chronic pancreatitis?

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Hello @missingthebeach and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Your symptoms improving as a result of your antibiotics seems to point to some type of inflammation/infection that was reduced after having taken the antibiotics.

First, you will notice that I have moved your post into an existing discussion on the same topic which you can find here:
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Have you done any research into gut health and microbiome to see if you could potentially achieve some additional improvements?

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@amandajro I was thinking I likely had SIBO that caused the original symptoms of night sweats and loose oily stools and that the antibiotics likely eradicated SIBO as the test was taken in between antibiotic treatments. By the second round no more loose stools or nightly symptoms. SIBO I am reading is typically caused by an underlying condition which I am still trying to figure out.

The symptoms under my left rib coupled with previous drinking and the imaging from the MRCP are leading me to believe it's mild chronic pancreatitis in its beginning stages. I have read there are people that feel no pain at all and are in late stages where there are ducts partially blocked, and others that feel pain at a much earlier stage. It just seems like this disease in particular is so hard to nail down in early stages 🙁

I will post back when I get results back from the most recent tests. I am curious as to what others think or if anyone's seen this type of MRCP result. If it's truly iron build up then I would imagine there's some functionality of the pancreas that's being affected (blood flow, minor exocrine efficiency causing the pale stools and small bits of oil bubbles in the water?)