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Thanks for the info on the catheter, but that’s not our main concern. More wondering how long he will want someone at home to help with recovery from the surgery and how long before he will feel up to go back to work. We both need to plan for our workplace absence. I know exhaustion from the surgery and general anesthesia can take time. Just want a realistic timeline.

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Meds from surgery should wear off next day. Drinking lots of water will help flush your system. Take colace or something to keep you moving. If you get plugged up it will hurt a lot. More water. Oral pain meds should be on day 2. Try not to do oxy or major stuff. Heating pad on your groin and tummy may help. If your testicle turn color and get very swollen ice will help. Sitting on a pillow helps. Drive when pain permits if not on meds. After many surgeries you get used to dwelling and pain. I would not sit around for long. Even a short walk to the mail box several times per day helps. It may take a while to get to 50%. Daily progress. Get a picker upper from Amazon to pick up things off the floor. Ok to leave him home alone. If working from home as soon as you can sit try it. You should go back to work. He needs to take care of himself and find his limit. It will get better every week.

I had some for 4 days after surgery
Catheter out at 7 days
Keep on bowel softeners
Once I went off oxybutyn, per Dr order before catheter removal,
I got a bladder spasm so bad I called 911
But really , he can manage himself, walking, keep bowel movements, stomach will be bloated and bruised
Can only sleep on back
I moved from bed to recliner to couch
Will be up every 3 hours at night
Until 2.5 weeks post
My experience!!!!!