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Anyone had 2 lobectomies, years apart?

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Hi LouLou23. I just turned 69yrs. I had an upper left lung lobectomy in 2019 and a upper right lobectomy in 2021. Both were done with VATS. Left was adenocarcinoma no lymph node affected, and right was atypical carcinoma 1 lymph node effected.No treatment was required after both. My lung capacity is, of course, not as good as it was before surgery, but I can still do pretty well all I want without difficulty.My oxygen level generally sits around 96-99% with my finger machine. I was back playing pickleball 4 months after the first surgery. And about the same time after the second surgery . Unfortunately for me , after the second follow up CT , multiple lesions we found on my liver. After 3 biopsies, I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour likely metastasized from the lung. Now, I’ve just finished my 10th cycle of CAPTEM. Luckily , I have had virtually no side effects from the Chemo and my NETS is non functioning. I still exercise and walk but haven’t tried going back to pickleball. Later this month I’m scheduled for an Octeriotide scan to see if the chemo is effective . Even though I’m dealing with this now, I would not have changed the decision to have the second lobectomy. Hope this helps in your decision going forward.

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thank you so much! you made me feel better… Especially after you mentioned, playing pickle ball! I love playing and want to continue.
I hope your scan goes well this month. You have definitely been through a lot.